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Cosmetic, Vascular & General Surgery Specialist
  • Nice Looking

    Legs that Feel Good

    Restoring Beauty…Defying Age Having nice looking legs that feel good gives you the ability to wear shorts and not be embarrassed by unsightly veins. Our goal is to help you have legs that feel good and look good.
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  • Say Goodbye to

    Varicose Veins

    Daniel Morris, DO, FACOS can restore beauty and take away the pain of varicose veins using the most recent advances in varicose vein treatment. To rid yourself of painful and unsightly varicose veins.
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  • Get Back To

    Great Legs!

    Healthy legs are great looking legs. If you want to restore a healthy, youthful look to your legs by eliminating varicose veins, Daniel Morris, DO, FACOS offers a variety of treatments. Ready for great looking legs again?
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  • No More

    Leg Pain

    Worried about the pain you feel due to varicose veins? Wish you had that healthy feeling in your legs again? Daniel Morris, DO, FACOS can help you with the latest varicose vein treatments.
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  • Welcome to Texas Vein Doc

    Welcome to the practice of Dr. Morris, specialist in laser treatment for varicose veins. Do your legs ache? Do your veins throb? Do you have varicose veins? Do you suffer from this painful and unsightly condition? It can signal greater risks to your health.

    On the surface, the appearance of veins frequently means a more significant underlying venous problem exists. Chronic venous insufficiency is a condition caused by incompetent refluxing valves within the veins returning blood to our hearts. This condition is the most common disease in the U.S., far surpassing heart disease, stroke and all cancers combined! 

    Interested in a consultation where Dr. Morris can evaluate your condition and suggest specific treatments? Please call us at (866) 463-9968 or email at to schedule an appointment.

    Using ultrasound imaging, Dr. Morris will identify the problem areas, the unhealthy veins.  This non-invasive vein mapping ultrasound is painless and done in the office setting. 

    Treating the condition leading to varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency, has been revolutionized in the past decade. Dr. Morris treats varicose veins with endovenous laser therapy, sclerotherapy, and phlebectomy, in addition to traditional methods. These treatments provide relief from the aches, heaviness, swelling, throbbing and pain associated with refluxing veins. 

    Dr. Morris can help you with your varicose veins and spider veins using state of the art, effective, in-office treatments that will improve your blood flow and allow you to be back to your normal routine. The benefits are immediate and obvious. Blood flow improves and is more efficient. Your legs will look younger without the visible varicose veins showing through your skin. 

    Why Choose Us?

    • Triple Board Certified surgeon with 25 years surgical experience
    • In office state of the art private procedure suites
    • Most major insurances accepted
    • Southlake office is 15 min away from DFW airport
    • 2 locations to serve you
    • FREE venous screening evaluation by our nurses
    • Vascular ultrasound performed in office by Registered Vascular Technologists

    Dr. Morris is triple board certified in Vascular Surgery, General Surgery, and Critical Care.
    Aesthetic Concepts Cosmetic Surgery Laser and Vein Center BBB Business Review
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